741ZDDNZ Folding Adjustable Laptop Desk (Bamboo)



Consumer Electronics


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1. Material: bamboo
2. Foldable design, storage does not take up space
3. Strong load-bearing capacity, not easy to dump
4. The angle of 4 gears can be adjusted for more comfortable cervical spine
5. Telescopic table corner, adjustable fixed height
6. Detachable anti-skid barrier to prevent books and computers from slipping off, easy to use
7. Size: small size 56(adjustable size between table legs) x30x17-23cm; medium size 64(adjustable size between table legs) x35x20-26cm; large size 88(adjustable size between table legs) x35x27-26cm
8. Weight: small size 2.28 kg; medium size 2.71 kg; large size 3.25 kg

Package Weight
One Package Weight 3.70kgs / 8.16lb
One Package Size 75cm * 37.5cm * 5.5cm / 29.53inch * 14.76inch * 2.17inch

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