Kinesis Freestyle2 Ergonomic Keyboard for PC, 9" Standard Separation

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    One of the most versatile keyboards currently manufactured, the Freestyle2 is an adjustable, separated keyboard offering considerable ergonomic ben...
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    One of the most versatile keyboards currently manufactured, the Freestyle2 is an adjustable, separated keyboard offering considerable ergonomic benefits without sacrificing productivity. The Freestyle2 Keyboard is divided into two separate modules. The two sides are connected by a 9" cable by default, with a 20" cable also available. The separation allows users to position the left and right sides of the keyboard shoulder width apart, allowing the shoulders, elbows, arms and wrists to relax in an anatomically neutral position. This greatly improves posture and blood flow in the upper body, prevents undesirable rotation at the shoulders, and eliminates ulnar deviation at the wrist.

    Ergonomic Benefits

    Easily Accommodates Individual Needs and Body Types

    The Freestyle2 Keyboard can be configured to meet the unique needs and preferences of most individuals, whether tall or short, broad-shouldered or of slight build.

    Facilitates Relaxed Position with Maximum Circulation

    Complete separation of both left and right keyboard modules enables anatomically neutral and relaxed position of the shoulders, elbow, arms and wrists, greatly reducing the risk of pain and discomfort caused by shoulder rotation, elbow abduction, and ulnar deviation.

    Eliminates Overreaching for the Mouse

    The Freestyle2 allows users to keep the mouse or other pointing device right beside the right or left edge of the keyboard. By keeping the mouse well within the comfort zone, users can reduce the potential for shoulder, neck and wrist pain arising from repeatedly reaching over the number pad for the mouse.

    Reduces Wrist Extension

    Most standard, and even many ergonomic, keyboards are positively inclined (i.e. the number row is higher than the space bar). A positive incline forces the user to lift the hands by bending up at the wrists. 

    Reduces Finger Strain and Fatigue

    Tactile low-force membrane keyswitches reduce the amount of effort required to type, benefiting all users from casual to the most intensive typists.


    • Variable Separation: The two halves of the Freestyle2 can be separated up to 9" apart, a range which is sufficient for the majority of users. 
    • Quiet, Tactile Key Switches: The Freestyle2 features quiet, low-force, tactile membrane keyswitches. Rated at 10 million actuations the keyswitches on the Freestyle2 require only 45 grams of force.
    • Familiar Key Layout: Standard key layout means minimal adaptation time for experienced typists.
    • Sleek, Ultra-Low Profile Design: The Freestyle2 has a substantially thinner and narrower design than most ergonomic keyboards, with a height of only 7/8" and a width of 15.375".
    • Embedded Numeric Keypad: In place of the separate numeric keypad found on traditional keyboards (which places the mouse outside of the comfort zone for right-handed users) the Freestyle2 provides a numeric keypad embedded into the right-hand module as a second layer. Along with the number keys on the top row of the keyboard, this embedded number pad gives the majority of users ample options for numeric input.
    • Browser, Editing, and Multimedia Hot Keys: Easily accessible, driverless hot keys offer users the option of decreasing the number of mouse clicks and increasing productivity. These hot keys include volume control and mute keys, a calculator key, multimedia keys, commonly used browser functions such as forward, back and home, and application functions such as cut, copy and paste. Hot keys on the inside columns have vertical raised ridges to provide tactile feedback and help the user remain oriented on the keyboard.
    • Pivot Tether: The left and right modules of the keyboard can be connected on the top edge by the Pivot Tether. With the Pivot Tether attached, the keyboard can be splayed at the pivot point (forming an 'A' shape), rather than fully separated.

    Width: 15.375" (39.0 cm)

    Depth (front-to-back): 7.25" (18.4 cm) 

    Height: 0.875" (2.2 cm)

    Weight: 1.95 lbs (885 grams)

    Keyswitch Type: Rubber Dome, Membrane (Quiet, Tactile)

    Keyswitch Rating: 10 million actuations

    Key Activation Force: 35 grams

    Peak Key Force: 44 grams

    Key Travel Distance: 3.9 mm

    Number of Keys: 94

    Key Pitch: 0.75" (1.9 cm)

    Length of Linking Cable: 9" (15.2 cm )

    Interface: USB, 6' cable

    Compatibility: All versions of Windows including Windows 8 (32 & 64) and Windows 10

    Legends: Pad Printed with a clear UV coating

    Warranty: 2 Years

    Package Contents: Freestyle2 Keyboard for PC (Left and Right Modules), Non-Removable 9" Linking Cable, Pivot Tether, User Manual

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