Matias Wireless Aluminum Keyboard, Bluetooth - Silver

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    Inspired by the Apple design philosophy, the Matias Wireless Aluminum Keyboard attempts to add function to the Apple product that clearly focused o...
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    Inspired by the Apple design philosophy, the Matias Wireless Aluminum Keyboard attempts to add function to the Apple product that clearly focused on form. For number crunchers, a dedicated numeric keypad is not optional, and this keyboard provides one without sacrificing the wireless functionality. This keyboard will also pair with up to 4 different Bluetooth devices and adjust its layout to be compatible with the device for non-Mac systems (i.e. Android, Windows, iPad, etc.). A surprisingly long-lasting 1600 mAh battery allows this keyboard to work for an entire year without recharging. The extra capacity afforded by this battery allows this long life without the need to power down and disconnect during idle periods. This makes this wireless keyboard perform more like a wired keyboard in that it is always connected and ready without a “wake up” period.
    This keyboard only weighs 1.18 lbs and comes in four different colors which align with the current mosaic of colors of the MacBook – Silver, Space Gray, Gold and Rose Gold.

    • Bluetooth Connection: The Wireless Aluminum Keyboard employs Bluetooth for its wireless connection. This ensures quick connection to paired devices regardless of the operating system.
    • Multi-Device Capability: The Wireless Aluminum Keyboard is capable of pairing with up to 4 Bluetooth Devices. Mac, iOS, Android, or Window operating systems can all be accessed at the touch of a button, making this keyboard a true multi-platform device.
    • Device Directed Layout: The Wireless Aluminum Keyboard determines the operating system of the device being connected to and automatically adjusts its layout accordingly.
    • Extended Life Rechargeable Battery: The Wireless Aluminum Keyboard is equipped with a 1,600 mAh rechargeable battery capable of providing up to a year of wireless connectivity on a single charge. Recharging is as simple as connecting the USB power cord.
    • "Always ON" Connection: Unlike most other keyboards which will power down or shut down connections to conserve battery power, the oversized rechargeable battery enables the the Wireless Aluminum Keyboard to maintain connections at all times. Pairing is maintained with all devices, ensuring an "immediate" connection as soon as they are turned on or within range.
    • Integrated Numeric Keypad: Unlike the Apple Wireless keyboard, the Wireless Aluminum Keyboard includes a full numeric keypad, which provides Apple users with complete keyboard functionality in a keyboard with expanded wireless capabilities.
    • Low Profile Design: The Wireless Aluminum Keyboard employs a "chiclet" or "island" keycap which permits a very low profile. The profile tapers from 3/4" at the back to just 3/8" thick at the front, presenting a slightly angled profile to the user.
    • Classy Colours: Apple MacBook users can choose a keyboard colour to match the housing on their computer. Colours available are Silver, Gold, Space Gray, and Rose Gold.
    • Non-reflective Finish: All colours of the Wireless Aluminum Keyboard feature a matte anodized finish which eliminates reflection and glare. It also means fingerprints are not visible.
    • Slightly Concave Keycaps: To assist touch typists in maintaining home row position on the keyboard the keycaps feature a very slight concave surface just barely detectable by the fingertips.
    • Mac-friendly Function Keys: Common Mac functions such as screen brightness and volume control are easily accessed. Users who require the traditional F-Key functions can temporarily access these using the "fn" key.
    • Sturdy Aluminum Housing: The upper housing on the Wireless Aluminum Keyboard is of aluminum which ensures strength and rigidity.

    In the box:

    • Keyboard 
    • Charging cable
    • (Micro-USB to USB) 
    • Users manual

    System Requirements:

    • Mac or PC with Bluetooth 
    • Mac OS X v.10.6.8 or later (for Mac function keys) 
    • iPad 
    • iPhone or iPod touch 
    • Android 3.0 or higher


    • 17.35” x 4.58” x 0.75” (44.1 x 11.6 x 1.9 cm)
    • Cable Length: 3.25 feet (1 m)


    • 1.18 lbs (535 g)


    • 1 year limited warranty

    Key Travel Distance:

    • 2.0 mm

    Rechargeable Battery Life:

    • 1 year between charges
    • Uninterrupted Typing Time. 533 to 1,600 hours between charges (varies depending on typing speed, indicator lights, etc.)
    • Standby Time: 2 years between charges


    • 1,600 mAh (3.7 volt) 5.92 watt-hour rechargeable, lithium-ion polymer battery
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