P702D Portable Touch Display Car Smart Driving Recorder



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1. Compatible with CarPlay, Android Auto, Mirror Link and Bluetooth.
2. Built-in Apple wireless Carplay/Android Auto function to realize wireless connection between the car and mobile phone, and the car and machine can control and share mobile phone maps, music, phone information and other APP software.
3. Front wide-angle 1080P high-definition camera, which can be equipped with AHD high-definition rear view camera and supports split-screen display.
4. Built-in FM wireless frequency modulation transmitter, you can transfer audio and video sounds to car audio, unleash your passion and meet various listening needs.
5. Two installation methods, you can install it according to your own preferences.
6. Parameters:
- Size: 7 inches
- Bluetooth: supports Bluetooth music playback
- WiFi frequency: 2.4/5G dual band
- Operation mode: full screen touch
- Display resolution: 1024x600
- Working temperature: -20~65 degrees Celsius
- Memory: 64-256GB
- Mobile phone interconnection: CarPlay (wired + wireless), wired mirroring, Android Auto (wired + wireless), wired mirroring

Package Weight
One Package Weight 1.11kgs / 2.45lb
One Package Size 21.5cm * 14cm * 11cm / 8.46inch * 5.51inch * 4.33inch

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