BOBOVR A2 Magnetic Double Earmuff Design Headphone for Oculus Quest 2



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Compatible with a variety of oculus Quest2 Straps: It adopts a side-sliding installation design, which can be directly installed on most oculus Quest2 elite and halo straps on the market (including but not limited to BOBOVR M1/M2 series, official straps and mainstream third-party straps), which can greatly improve the sound quality of VR equipment and make your VR immersive experience better.
2. Built-in power amplifier module: Equipped with an additional DSP power amplifier chip and an independent lithium battery power supply system to improve the sound quality of the earphones. At the same time, it uses high-power 32 Ohm/30mWx2PCS TPU double-composite titanium film, NdFeB strong magnetic speaker, providing 20 -20000Hz frequency response range, so that the sound quality can be further improved.
3. Built-in sound effect switching: The independent audio decoding chip provides 4 sound effect modes: standard, bass, cinema, and game through processing the original sound source, allowing you to experience the best audio effect in games or office scenes.
4. Two earmuff sizes: The earmuffs are designed with magnetic suction. The default small earmuffs are designed to reduce stuffiness and are suitable for sports scenes; the large earmuffs are designed with wrap-around ears to reduce the pressure on the ears, suitable for use in static scenes. The earmuffs are made of high-quality protein leather and memory foam, which are soft, breathable, and fit, which can effectively improve the sound insulation of the earphones and allow you to achieve a more immersive VR experience.
5. Humanized mute design: During the game, if you want to relax your ears or take a call, you can rotate the earmuffs above your ears to mute the sound without removing the entire VR device. The earphone part has a 2cm up and down adjustment and a 15-degree Tilt adjustment makes wearing and adjustment more flexible.

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One Package Size 22cm * 14cm * 11cm / 8.66inch * 5.51inch * 4.33inch

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