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1. Unique appearance design of Sunrise Flame Mountain
2. Colorful volcanic crack atmosphere light: Colorful colors (red, green, blue, yellow, pink, green and white) are revealed from the cracks in the mountain, forming volcanoes of different colors, giving a feeling of volcanic eruption.
3. Sunrise sun colorful atmosphere light: a sun rises slowly from the volcano, and the sun is displayed with beautiful and magical dynamic effects (5 dynamic effects on the body, 7 fixed colors, plus 256 controls on the Tuya APP a dynamic effect)
4.15W wireless high power fast charging, supports all wireless charging mobile phones on the market.
5. Built-in Bluetooth speaker: The fully sealed sound chamber carries a 5W high-power speaker to create high-quality sound, with high treble and no vibration or breakage. The voice is super clear at light sounds; the effect is also super good at bass. (When coaxing your children to sleep, you can play the ocean waves as an eye-catching song)
6. Built-in white noise music to aid sleep: The product comes with 10 white noise music, which can help users relax their minds and fall asleep easily. (Early morning birds chirping, crickets chirping, frogs chirping, running water, Haiou chirping, rain sound, light rain + thunder, early morning comprehensive sound, lullaby 1, lullaby 2)
7. The product comes with a clock and alarm function: The product clock and alarm buttons are simple and easy to operate, and there are not many reusable buttons that are cumbersome to operate. Built-in alarm clock, optional 11 kinds of alarm music, used as alarm sound.
8. The product has a radio function
9. The product comes with Tuya Bluetooth APP: Tuya APP is a very versatile APP that can achieve various dynamic effects of controlling the sun through the APP.
10. The product can be used for vertical video calls and wireless charging.

Product parameters:
1.Material: ABS
2. Input power supply: USB 9V 2.5A
3.Light source power: 8-10W
4. Machine power: 15W-23W
5. Speaker power: 5W
6.Bluetooth version: 5.0
7.Bluetooth distance: 10 meters
8. Sunlight effect mode: 6 dynamic light control modes; APP controls 256 dynamic light modes
9. Flame mountain light mode: 7 dynamic volcano light modes
10. White noise eye-aiding music: 10 types
11. Wireless charging power: 15W
12. Alarm clock: 11 alarm sounds
13. Data cable length: 2 meters TPC charging cable
14. Built-in battery: CR2032 button battery x 1 (battery included in delivery)
15. Product size: 227 x 85 x 232mm

Packing list:
-Wireless charging x 1
-Manual x 1
-USB charging cable x 1

Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.68kgs / 1.51lb
One Package Size 24cm * 9cm * 23cm / 9.45inch * 3.54inch * 9.06inch

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